Net Metering = No More Batteries!!

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Nation-wide Net Metering in Costa Rica! In 2014 a new law has now been passed to require that all cooperative providers of electricity offer net metering, just as ICE has since late 2010.  The law was finalized at the beginning of April and the program should be available from ALL providers within a few months. […]

Electricity Rates on the Rise


Electricity Rates in Costa Rica April 1st, 2014 saw the second rate increase this year for electricity consumers in Costa Rica. This increase of about 7% follows the increase on January 1st of another 7%. So far this year rates have increased over 14% in just four months. Now is the time to purchase your […]

Cost Vs. Value

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Initial Cost Vs. Value in a Solar Energy Investment  Premium solar energy systems cost around 10% more than bargain systems, so why should you pay the higher cost? Here are four simple reasons: 1) Quality solar panels with dependable warranties. Cheap solar panels come with 25 year warranties, but will the company be around in just […]

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Nationwide Net Metering begins in early 2015, so the time to order your system is NOW! Our Premium Grid Tied Micro Inverter Solar Systems offer 99.7% reliability, require no batteries, pay for themselves in around 5 years, and come with 25 year warranties while costing less than $3 per watt!! Our systems produce savings equal to a Return on Investment of between 10% and 22% PER YEAR in just the first 10 years!! Low-maintenance grid-tied systems can run any electric appliance in your home or business - EVEN AIR CONDITIONERS!
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Cost Vs. Value

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Warranty is Everything

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Solar Energy as an Investment

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Added Home Value

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Solar Saves Money!

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