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Green Building Opportunities in Costa Rica

We are currently accepting applications for distributorships for Pura Vida Energy Systems, S.A.  If you are a builder, developer, realtor or renewable energy consultant contact us today to find out how your clients can enjoy photo-voltaic systems custom-designed and imported by Pura Vida Energy Systems.  Add our high quality systems to the offerings you already provide your clients and allow them to enjoy great return-on-investment potential and monthly energy-cost savings as well as the knowledge that they are helping the environment and increasing the resale value and appeal of their property.  At the same time you can enjoy the rewarding income produced by the sale and installation of these top-quality systems.  We will work closely with you to insure that each installation is designed and installed to the highest of standards and that your clients will be satisfied with their investment for many years to come.

Renewable energy systems and green building opportunites are increasingly in demand by potential clients.  Become a registered and certified distributor for Pura Vida Energy Systems and know that the products you offer your clients are custom designed for their exact situation by a certified United States electrical engineer.  Let us procure the equipment from the most reputable manufacturers available and import that equipment from the US to Costa Rica without import duties or sales tax under our Renewable Energy Importation and Fabrication Licenses authorized by the government of Costa Rica.

We offer world-class customer service and support to our distributors and to their clients at every step of the process.  If you want to deliver the highest quality products to your clients at the lowest prices available in Costa Rica contact us today!!

Cham Brownell:  Cell  8735-1402


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