Net Metering Grid Tied

Net Metered Solar Energy

A grid tied micro-inverter system with net metering provides the highest efficiency, longest system warranty and best return on investment of any solar energy system available in Costa Rica today. These premium quality systems are guaranteed for 25 years on panels and 20 years on inverters and require little or no maintenance.  Our own warranty support offers you immediate replacement from our own inventory on any inverter or panel certified warranty claim during the first 10 years, and assistance with the manufacturer return plus free removal and re-installation during the remainder of the 20 – 25 year system warranty.

Our grid-tied micro-inverter systems produce 20% more energy harvest than old-technology central inverter systems, and you won’t have to replace expensive inverters after the first 10 to 12 years.  This is worth the extra initial expense just for the added energy production, but when you consider the cost of central inverter replacement half-way through your 25 year panel warranty, then the real value of premium quality becomes clear. Remember that the exoneration of import duties and sales tax for licensed solar installers only applies to complete systems. When it is time to replace a central inverter that cost $3,000 when you bought your system, it will probably cost close to $5,000 to replace it, plus the service charge to come and install it.

When you add in the lost energy production and inverter replacement cost associated with any central inverter system, then paying a little more up front is actually cheaper in the long run. By the end of 25 years, your grid-tied micro-inverter system from us will be worth at least 40% more than what the same size system would cost using the old technology.  That is precisely why our premium 25-year systems can achieve a Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of around 10 cents per kWh, while most old technology systems can only produce energy at around 16 cents per kWh. If you are considering utilizing Net Metering, then adding in an access fee of 5 cents per kWh will mean that a cheaper system will barely be able to pay for itself despite the lower initial cost. If you invest in one of our premium micro-inverter systems and use Net Metering then you will be able to produce energy for the next 25 years under warranty at a cost that will be locked in at around 15 cents per kWh.  As rates continue to increase in the future your savings will just keep multiplying.

If you don’t want to participate in Net Metering from your utility company then look into one of our smart-grid hybrid systems or even an off-grid solution from Pura Vida Energy Systems. Regardless of what system best suits your needs, the quality design, engineering and installation that comes with all of our systems means that the best investment will always come from Pura Vida Energy Systems.