Solar Energy Options for Developers

Standard Equipment Vs. Add-On Packages Vs. Power Purchase Agreement

Standard Equipment

Developments often choose to include a small solar energy system as part of the standard build in each of their homes.  Buying multiple systems at once for all of the homes in your development insures that you get volume discounts on pricing. This investment of just a few thousand dollars increases home value while creating a legitimate image of sustainability. The sales appeal of a home that comes with a certain amount of free electricity each month is undeniable because Costa Rica’s very high electricity costs are well known, even to foreigners.

Optional Solar Packages

Add-on packages can be made available to your buyers just like granite counter tops or other features. These packages are available in a range of sizes to meet the specific needs of your clients.  By bundling multiple installations on multiple homes we can offer prices normally only available on larger systems.  This opportunity can be offered as an after-build purchase as well.  If you wish to facilitate this option in the future, just include one 2” conduit running from the top of any breaker panel straight up to the roof and leave a few extra spaces available in that box.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Electricity rates in Costa Rica have increased an average of 14% each year over the last 15 years.  When you install a solar energy system you are effectively locking your cost per kWh for the next 25 to 40 years.  As rates increase the value of the energy harvested each month continues to increase over time.  This added value augments return on investment greatly.  Developers who wish to enjoy that ROI can install solar arrays at their own cost and then sell the energy harvested to the homeowners at a discount to current energy rates, usually around 80%. This feature offers the marketability of discounted clean energy while retaining the long term investment rewards for the developer.  Detailed statistical analysis of the tremendous ROI potential of this type of system is available upon request.


Return on Investment

In general, our grid-tied systems pay for themselves in around 5 or 6 years and are guaranteed for 25 years. This means that each system will pay for itself many times over even at today’s rates. If we factor in a projected annual rate increase of just 10% the ROI doubles in just the first 10 years.  Depending on exact location and electricity provider, most clients will enjoy a 10-year ROI of 10% to 20% after recouping the initial cost of the system.  The 15-year ROI will increase to between 13% (if rates stay the same) and 35% (if rates increase an average of just 10% each year).  A high-quality solar energy system with a 25 year warranty is one of the best long-term investments that you or your clients can make.  Pura Vida Energy Systems sells only the highest quality systems to maximize this long-term return; so don’t be tempted by cheaper systems. Invest in the best!

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