Solar Saves Money!

25 Year System Warranty

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Why should you use solar energy in Costa Rica?  Current tier two rates (including taxes) from ICE are $0.31 USD per kilowatt hour (as of October, 2013).  At these rates a new 10 kilowatt solar system will pay for itself in about 5 years.  Historically electricity rates in Costa Rica have increased an average of 14.1% each year.  If we factor in an expected rate increase of just 10% per year that same system will pay for itself in about 4 years.  As rates continue to increase over the next 25 years your monthly savings will continue to increase in value.  Today a 10 kilowatt system will produce electricity equivalent to about $460 per month on your electric bill.  That same amount of free electricity will represent savings of $665 per month after the first five years, $1,071 per month after 10 years, and $2,784 per month after 20 years.  At the end of 25 years your solar energy system from Pura Vida Energy Systems, S.A. will have saved you a total of more than $538,000, representing an overall annualized average return of over 76% per year!  If you don’t plan to keep your property for that long keep in mind that you will recoup your investment in only five years and that you will have doubled your investment in less than eight years.   At the same time you’ll be enjoying lower payments to ICE and the knowledge that you are helping to keep those rate hikes down by being a producer of electricity.  The reality is that if Costa Rica doesn’t increase it’s capacity to produce electricity as demand for it continues to grow then rates will go up even more.

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