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Quality Solar Panels in Costa Rica!25 Year System Warranty

Pura Vida Energy Systems sells only the highest quality Tier 1 solar panels with a 25 year warranty that is guaranteed by third party insurance.  This insurance means that if the manufacturer goes out of business the pre-paid insurance policy will reimburse you for the value of the panels at the time of the warranty claim.  Other companies in Costa Rica quote systems that don’t even mention the brand name of the panels because they buy the cheapest panels available at the time you place your order. These panels usually claim to offer a 25 year warranty, but if the company changes its name or goes out of business that warranty isn’t worth the handshake behind it.

Our premium Canadian Solar, Inc. panels cost about 25 cents per watt more than the ones the other guys use, but this difference in cost will be recouped in less than 5 months of use.  The solar panel manufacturing industry has become so competitive that even trusted names have begun to cut corners to stay competitive.  Canadian Solar manufactures premium panels and is among the most trusted and well established companies in the market.  More importantly, because the third-party insurance is pre-paid, the insurance company maintains vigilant watch over the production standards of every panel that Canadian Solar sells.

Canadian Solar’s manufacturing process is ISO 9001, ISO TS-16949, and ISO 17025 certified, which means that they maintain the highest level of quality control over every step of the production and testing processes. These panels are also ultra-reliable in corrosive atmospheres, verified by IEC61701 “Salt Mist Corrosion Testing” and approved for coastal and tropical installations.

When our customers make an investment in a solar energy system from Pura Vida Energy Systems we know that we are selling them the very best equipment on the market.  Because we don’t cut corners we can stand behind our systems with the best installer warranty in Costa Rica.  Pura Vida Energy Systems will facilitate the return approval with the manufacturer, un-install the defective equipment and re-install the replacement equipment provided by the manufacturer under an approved warranty claim. Other than reasonable travel charges this service will be provided at any time during the 25 year warranty period absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

We also guarantee the energy harvest for your new system with the only Production Assurance offered in Costa Rica.  If the system fails to produce at least 80% of the energy promised in your contract we will compensate you for the difference at any time during the first five years.  We also offer optional comprehensive maintenance and monitoring packages to help insure that your new system operates at maximum efficiency for the full 25 years or more.

We understand that not every homeowner plans to own their home for 25 years, but the extra expense for quality equipment will be recouped in just a few months.  Our systems pay for themselves in around 4 years, so why would anyone sacrifice the long term reliability and added home value offered by our premium systems and warranty support just to have a system that pays for itself a few months sooner?  If you save a thousand dollars today and buy a system without a guaranteed warranty that begins to fail after 7 years then you won’t end up saving anything after you have to replace just one panel.

Think of it this way. Some people buy cheap cars that cost $15,000 and will last for about 5 years. Some people buy dependable cars that cost $25,000 and will last for 10 years, even though they only plan to keep it for a few years. Other people buy cars that cost $40,000 because they want the very best engineering, performance and dependability regardless of how long they plan to keep the car. Pura Vida Energy Systems sells BMW quality at Honda prices.  The best part of investing in quality solar equipment is that, unlike a car, it saves you hundreds of dollars for every month that it continues to function reliably.

If you buy a Yugo you get a Yugo and you will drive a Yugo for as long as you own it.

So . . . . . What kind of car do you want to drive?

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