Cost Vs. Value

Initial Cost Vs. Value in a Solar Energy Investment 25 Year System Warranty

Premium solar energy systems cost around 10% more than bargain systems, so why should you pay the higher cost? Here are four simple reasons:

1) Quality solar panels with dependable warranties. Cheap solar panels come with 25 year warranties, but will the company be around in just 10 years? Premium solar panels from Canadian Solar carry third party insurance to back the 25 year replacement warranty even if Canadian Solar doesn’t last. The insurance company has a vested interest in the quality of the panels sold and they monitor every step of the production for every panel they guarantee. Canadian Solar panels also carry Salt Mist Certification which means that the panels may be installed in coastal areas without voiding the warranty coverage. Other manufacturers do not guarantee panels installed near the ocean.


2) Quality inverters with dependable warranties. Enphase micro-inverters are guaranteed for 25 years with a 100% up-time guarantee by the original and most trusted brand in the micro-inverter industry.  Because they convert small voltages at each solar panel they are more efficient and require no ventilation – they are completely sealed from corrosive air and immune to rain, wind or tropical heat.  Low-voltage AC current micro-inverter systems are also much safer for you, your family and your home.


3) Quality design and installation with energy harvest warranty from PVES, SA.  Companies that cut costs cut corners and that results in lower energy harvest over the life of your system.  Our systems are designed and installed to achieve the highest possible efficiency rather than the lowest possible cost and that’s why we not only offer energy harvest projections – WE GUARANTEE THEM.  We use conduit and wire sizes above the standards of building codes to minimize voltage drop resulting in 3% higher energy harvest every year. We install our panels with at least 5” of ventilation between the panels and the roof material to minimize efficiency loss caused by heat build-up.  Proper ventilation results in an average of 5% higher energy harvest every year.  This dedication to quality over cost produces an average of 8% higher savings every year and at the same time ensures that the system will function reliably for 25 years or more with little or no maintenance.


4) Return on Investment.  Our systems pay for themselves in around 5 to 6 years even though they cost more than bargain systems – but if you plan to keep your home then that is just the beginning.  The extra energy harvest that comes from PVES quality will continue to increase in value every time that electricity rates increase.  That extra 10% invested today will produce an average annual return of 26% by the end of the first 10 years, 52% by the end of 15 years, and more than 150% by the end of 25 yearsIf you can afford quality and you plan to keep your home for 7 years or more it would be a waste of money to buy a cheaper system.


That is the difference between COST and VALUE in an investment in solar energy.

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