Solar Energy as an Investment

10% to 22% ROI in just 10 Years!25 Year System Warranty

A grid-tied solar energy system in Costa Rica is one of the best long-term investments around. Our systems are guaranteed by the manufacturers for 25 years.  Even at today’s rates for electricity our 10 kW systems offer customers of I.C.E. an average annual yield of 12% for each of those 25 years.  Customers of the other cooperative suppliers would earn a 6% yield.

The best part of an investment in solar is that your system will produce the same amount of electricity every year, so as the rates for electricity go up the savings that your system produces go up at the same time.  Buying a solar system today effectively allows you to “lock in” today’s rates for the next 25 to 40 years.  Since rates in Costa Rica have increased an average of 14.1% each year during the last 15 years you can sleep comfortably knowing that your investment will continue to produce more and more in savings every year.

If rates increase an average of 10% per year in the future your 10 kW system will produce and average annual yield of 92% for I.C.E. customers and 61% for customers of other cooperatives over the next 25 years.  In just the first 10 years your investment in a grid tied solar system from Pura Vida Energy Systems will produce savings equal to an average annual return of 22% for I.C.E. customers and 10% for customers of other cooperatives.

All investments carry inherent risk, but the only risk for investing in solar is if rates for electricity go down in the future.  Nobody expects rates to go down because they almost never do.  In fact, Costa Rica’s rapid growth is projected to create a 28% shortfall in the production capacity for electricity by the year 2021.  Energy to meet this increasing demand will have to be produced by burning fossil fuels purchased from foreign countries.  In 2013 about 8% of the electricity being consumed came from oil generators and that 8% consumed 20% of the expense of production. In 2014 that number rose to more than 12%, and the cost to ICE has not been made public. So far in 2015 we haven’t had to use the generators, but the rains will return to normal and the generators will be needed again as soon as this years El Nino effect subsides.

Call Pura Vida Energy Systems today and request your free quote.  The sooner you invest in a new solar system the sooner your savings will begin!

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