Electricity Rates on the Rise

Electricity Rates in Costa Rica25 Year System Warranty


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Don’t be fooled by ups and downs in electricity rates! Heavy rains have contributed to lower rates because the hydro plants are generating most of the energy needed by consumers. However, the fossil fuel generators will be needed again as soon as the weather changes, and that will mean higher electric bills. Considering the 15 year average rate increase is still above 10% each year, no one expects current rates to stay this low.  The over all trend in Costa Rica is always upward because our population growth here always exceeds the expansion of production capacity.  You can be part of the solution to higher energy rates by installing your own distributed energy production system today.  The government continues to make the right choices to support distributed production because they understand as we do that solar energy can help reduce or eliminate the need for those fossil fuel generators and return Costa Rica to a 100% renewable energy sourced national energy grid.

Prices for electricity in Costa Rica have doubled approximately every 5 years during the last 20 years.  The average annual increase was 16.3% from 1995 to 2010 and 12.7% from 2000 to 2010.

Projections for growth indicate that by 2021 the amount of energy produced by fossil fuel generators in Costa Rica may be as high as 28%.  It is for this reason that the government is finally embracing distributed renewable energy production after many years of maintaining a strict government monopoly.  After all, if it took 20% of the budget to make 7% to 12% of the energy with fossil fuels in 2013 and 2014, then it would take up to 80% of the budget to make 28% of the energy.  Obviously the rest of the production facilities would still need to be maintained and operated, so the only option would be enormous rate increases to cover the extra expense.

Grid-tied solar energy production has the potential to replace those fossil fuel generators and help Costa Rica return to a 100% renewable national energy grid.  For many years the fact that 100% of the electricity used in Costa Rica was generated by renewable sources was a point of pride as well as a marketing tool for the tourism and relocation industries.  By investing in solar energy production for your home or business you can help Costa Rica meet its energy needs as it continues to grow. At the same time you can save money every month even at today’s rates while helping to slow the rate of increases for those rates in the future.


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